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Mobile Indoor Environment Laboratory (MIEL)

Researchers at CHIE created a Mobile Indoor Environment Laboratory (MIEL), a set of portable instruments, to enable measurements of physical parameters capturing various aspects of indoor environment quality. As in indoor environments there is a multitude of factors that affect our perception and well-being. 

MIEL is part of the Aerosol Laboratory at LTH. With the instruments in MIEL it is possible to measure noise, lighting, particle number concentration (10-300 nm), proxy particle mass concentration, equivalent black carbon, CO2, ozone, radon, ventilation, humidity, thermal comfort (predicted mean vote index, PMV), air temperature, air velocity, radiant temperature, surface temperature, draughts, heat leakages, and occupants’ use and interaction with existing building systems (so called activity detection system).

The instruments are available through the Aerosol Laboratory which is part of LTH Open Door

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