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2015-02-26 Tradition and innovation for indoor environments – problems, decisions and solutions

The aim of the workshop is to explore different developmental pathways to foster healthy indoor environments in a sustainable way. These pathways will represent different perspectives depending on specific geographic and cultural settings. They will contain a continuum from defining and understanding specific challenges to the implementation of solutions, but also reflect a view on human nature. Special focus will be placed on the challenges of adapting to current and future environmental change and how the building can play a role in creating a more sustainable society.

Two examples will be presented and discussed throughout the workshop:

·       Low tech solutions for promotion of healthier indoor environments in a traditional society of the global South, and

·       Use of internet, augment reality and gamification strategies to promote a healthy indoor climate and energy efficiency in a high-tech post-industrial society.

This will be followed by an introduction to a framework that aims to map different perspectives on indoor health. Activities are divided into a presentation from each perspective, and conclude with a co-creative discussion with all participants and audience.



9.00 - 9.30        Coffee

9.30 - 10.00      Introduction to the day: Barry Ness.

10.00 -10.50     Per Löfberg: “Cooking solutions in the global South”

10.50-11.20      Coffee Break

11.20-12.00      Mattias Wallergård, EAT, High tech solutions: “The internet of things and augmented reality in relation to the built environment”

11.50-13.00      Lunch

13.00-13.50      Kristian Stålne “A meta-theoretical framework for healthy and sustainable indoor environments”

13.50-14.30      Co-creative discussion and sum-up, moderators: Kristian and Barry

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