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2014-11-27 Health workshop

Bio-Psycho-Social Aspects of Health

27 November 2014 at Pufendorf

The modern human being spends a considerable amount of time indoors. This has led to an increased focus on quality aspects of our indoor environment in official buildings, at work, and in our homes. This workshop deals with the bio-psycho-social model of health and how it applies to the idea of healthy indoor environments. Invited speaker is Anders Lundin, chairman of SWESIAQ. Anders will give a talk about the “SWESIAQ-model”.

While a great amount on knowledge have accumulated over the years, partly reflected in building regulations, there still exist knowledge gaps and questions pertaining to how to evaluate what a healthy building is. The definition of a healthy building is partly dependent on which actor (e.g. occupants, building contractor, architect, and health and safety inspectors) evaluates the situation. Different actors are likely to have different perspectives and motives and thus different criteria for what a healthy indoor environment is. This workshop places its emphasis on the “healthy” part of the theme “healthy indoor environments” by linking it with the bio-psycho-social model.




Arrival and Coffee


Welcome and Introduction

(Emilie Stroh, Roger Persson, Anders Gudmundsson)


"SWESIAQ-model - a systematic method of investigating indoor air problems. How to discriminate between individual sensitivity and building problems?" by Anders Lundin, chairman of SWESIAQ, civil engineer, professional work- and environmental hygienist


Discussion and questions


Coffee and free discussions


“Stress, Expectancies and Health” by Roger Persson, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology


Discussion and questions


End of workshop

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